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germanBelt Steel GmbH’s first important milestones have been reached

The still young company, based in Bad Blankenburg and producing at a site in Cottbus, experienced considerable success on the market in the current business year and continues to follow its ambitious plan for improving quality and expanding production capacity. In the germanBelt Steel GmbH, the germanBelt Group has bundled all production activities for manufacturing tailor-made efficient components in drive engineering and materials handling technology.

The company manufactures drive pulleys, bend pulleys and link pulleys as well as special products for, amongst others, steel refining and the food industry. Highest attention is paid to applying high quality semi finished and finished materials and their correct processing as well as to precise construction. The range of products has by now been widened and includes also idlers and idler sets, special idlers and guide wheels for corrugated sidewall belts.

We are satisfied with the course business has taken so far, which shows once more that the ambitious plan to take the leading role in quality has been the right strategy for us. We are particularly pleased that this has been confirmed by successfully completed large orders from abroad, thus strengthening our efforts to globalise our company activities. By continuously investing in new machinery and manufacturing methods we optimise and ensure the quality of our products on a long term basis", says Holger Dieffendahl, managing shareholder of the germanBelt Group.

Competent manufacturing – the focus is on quality

In order to carry the process of quality improvement even further, the germanBelt Group continues to invest in extending the machinery at their site in Cottbus. “The currently operating lathes will within the coming weeks be complemented by another modern servo-conventional lathe for the manufacturing of pulley shafts as well as by a state of the art radial drilling machine and a band saw. By state of the art drive technology, self-developed compact-control and operation in the μ-range, the new lathe will provide us with even more machine accuracy and therefore, of course, with a better quality of pulley shafts of up to a length of 4000mm. We also become more flexible and versatile when it comes to axle journals”, explains Gerald Schmidtke, head of production at germanBelt Steel GmbH.

End of August 2010, germanBelt Steel GmbH had already extended their machinery by a third lathe because, as Holger Dieffendahl points out: “As a specialist for conveyor belt pulleys, we put the highest value on the quality and functionality of our products and, of course, to the adherence to schedules. Based on our technicians’ wide experience we are able to plan any customer inquiries for pulleys and to execute them even in serial manufacturing in the shortest of times and at an attractive price.”

Conveyor belt pulleys made by germanBelt Steel GmbH
Snub pulleys made by germanBelt Steel GmbH
Bend pulleys made by germanBelt Steel GmbH

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