Bonding systems for conveyor belt splicing or conveyor belt repair and for the rubber lining of pulleys

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We want strong connections. Our germanBond® high performance adhesives for conveyor belt splicing or conveyor belt repair and for the rubber lining of conveyor belt pulleys as well as for bonding rubber and plastic with each other or with metals are the result of many years of experience and research. We provide the optimal high performance adhesive whatever the individual case. germanBond® - a guarantee for success.

Our germanBond® product range is complemented by metal primers for plastics/metal and rubber/metal bonding and by cleaners for residue-free removal of grease and dirt which improves the adhesive strength considerably. These well aligned products ensure optimal strength values for conveyor belt splicings, conveyor belt repairs or rubber lining of conveyor belt pulleys.


Adhesive germanBond® 4kR CFC-free

Adhesive germanBond® 4kR CFC-free

Permanently elastic two-component contact adhesive for conveyor belt splices, conveyor belt repair and conveyor belt pulley lining, particularly for rubber/rubber, rubber/fabric, rubber/metal and fabric/fabric bonding.

Applications: such as for cold bonding of rubber conveyor belts (splicing), wear protection linings, conveyor belt pulley and roller or idler laggings. ... more

Primer germanBond® MP

Primer germanBond® MP

Universal adhesion promoter for rubber to metal bonding. The product significantly improves adhesive strength and provides the conditioned steel surface with temporary protection against corrosion.

Applications: such as for conveyor belt pulley rubber lining or conveyor belt pulley laggings of rubber or ceramics, container linings and wear protection linings. ... more

Heating solution germanBond® HS CFC-free

Heating solution germanBond® HS CFC-free

Universally usable solution for hot vulcanization of splices at steel cord and fabric conveyor belts made of rubber. Our germanBond® HS heating solution contains a special elastomer compound whose adhesive system significantly improves the stickiness of the connecting parts and thus contributes to an optimal splicing strength.

Applications: such as in the vulcanization of conveyor belt splices and conveyor belt repairs. ... more

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