All around your belt conveyor system: Worldwide conveyor belt service, comprehensive advice and material testing at germanBelt

Comprehensive Conveyor Belt Service by germanBelt

germanBelt – your system provider for comprehensive services all around installation, operation, maintenance and repair of belt conveyor systems. From advice and planning to the implementation of national or international belt installations, repairs, splicing or wear protection, germanBelt Group offers you perfect conveyor belt services. Supported by germanBelt quality products and permanent product monitoring by our own independent material testing laboratory, we provide you with continuously good quality at a very high standard.

Our service teams for conveyor belt maintenance are at your disposal all around the clock. Excellently trained and motivated, we meet your tasks and challenges. By extensive central storage and a comprehensive service network we ensure worldwide availability of spare parts without any delay.

Rendering Advice

germanBelt® - Competent Advice

Expert advice by specialists is the basis for solving individual technological challenges in belt conveying. We are proving our competence in rendering advice on a daily basis as our experienced sales technicians provide you with valuable advice on your conveyor belt system’s efficient installation, start-up and operation. ... more


germanBelt® Engineering

An optimized material handling process is the basis for a high efficiency of your conveyor system. As your approved partner in material handling, we offer adequat and practice-oriented support. We do not only optimize your running conveyor system. We also do technical calculations of components, suitable for your particular requirements. This belongs to the core competencies of our staff. ... more

Installation Services

germanBelt® - Worldwide Installation Services

Our experienced service teams are working worldwide. Our most up-to-date vulcanizing technology reduces the downtime at your conveyor belt systems. Belt changes, belt repair, splicing, maintenance and monitoring of belt conveyor systems as well as wear protective action are just examples of the germanBelt Group’s wide range of services. ... more

Material Testing

germanBelt® - Material Testing

The germanBelt Group runs their own material testing laboratory in order to ensure continuously high quality of their products. Permanent quality assessment is the basis for the group’s and their clients’ competence and success. As your independent partner for conveyor belts and belt conveyor components, we conduct wear simulation tests and material tests on your samples. Get more information now.

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Korntaler Straße 197
D-70439 Stuttgart

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Branch Manager
Axel Krehl
Tel.: +49 151 12041480

OT Etzdorf
Industriestraße 1
D-06179 Teutschenthal

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Branch Manager
Axel Zepezauer
Tel.: +49 177 7277136

Customer Service
Holger Schulz
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Tel.: +49 151 12041497

Havarieservice außerhalb der Betriebszeiten: +49 171 7068817

Laugkfeld 19
D-01968 Senftenberg

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Branch Manager
Gerald Schmidtke
Tel.: +49 171 8890464

Grüner Weg 5
D-14550 Groß Kreutz (Havel)

Phone: +49 33207 3018-0
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Branch Manager
Axel Zepezauer
Tel.: +49 177 7277136

Carl-Vollrath-Str. 8
D-07422 Bad Blankenburg

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Branch Manager
Rainer Daum
Tel.: +49 171 8890466

Customer Service
Steffen Kretschmer
Tel.: +49 171 8890467

Carl-Vollrath-Str. 8
D-07422 Bad Blankenburg

Phone: +49 36741 5680-0
Fax: +49 36741 5680-19

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05/27/2022 Information on hardeners/ adhesives

Our hardeners M, RE and AR are equally suitable for our adhesives 4kR and 2kR Evolution and are sold according to availability. For special applications we will be pleased to advise you.

... more
05/18/2022 Neuausrichtung Internationaler Vertrieb

Im Zuge der Zusammenlegung unseres Vertriebsbüros in Cottbus mit dem operativen Teil der International Business Division am größten Standort Halle-Leipzig richtet sich die germanBelt Systems GmbH im Bereich des Internationalen Vertriebs und im nationalen Handelsgeschäft neu aus.

... more