Manufacturing of conveyor belt pulleys such as drive pulleys, bend pulleys, cage (link) pulleys, snub pulleys, shaker pulleys

Conveyor Belt Pulleys and Idlers

Our wide range of components for material handling equipment includes all kinds of conveyor belt pulleys and carrier rollers. In our production plant in Cottbus, we manufacture conveyor belt pulleys such as drive pulleys, bend pulleys, cage (link) pulleys, shaker pulleys, and snub pulleys as well as speciality carrier rollers and components for drives.

Competent manufacturing focussing on quality

As specialist for conveyor belt pulleys, germanBelt Steel GmbH sets the highest priority on quality, functionality and timely delivery. In manufacturing our quality products such as conveyor belt pulleys and idlers for belt conveyor systems we only use high quality semi-finished and finished products. Proper processing and accurate design are for us a matter of course in manufacturing conveyor belt pulleys. Essential accessories such as the reliable germanGrip® pulley laggings or the innovative germanBond® high performance adhesives ensure your system’s longevity and optimal friction coefficients in diverse applications.

On the basis of our technicians’ wide experience we process and plan client-specific enquiries in relation to conveyor belt pulleys in the shortest of time. We manufacture conveyor belt pulleys in single-piece or serial production fast and at an attractive price. By standard-wise coated conveyor belt pulley bottoms and transport sealing for worldwide shipping we provide you with an extra in service that may keep us as we hope one step ahead of your desires.

Product Overview

germanBelt Steel - Double drive pulley

Conveyor Belt Pulleys

  • Drive pulleys
  • Bend pulleys
  • Cage (link) pulleys
  • Shaker pulleys
  • Snub pulleys

In serial production:

  • Up to diameters of 610 mm
  • Up to axis lengths of 4,000 mm

Everything beyond these dimensions is deemed speciality-made and manufactured to specifications as provided.

germanBelt Steel - Idler for conveyor belt systems


  • with precision roller tube and precision groove ball bearing, multiple labyrinth, dust cover, rain cover and grease chamber
  • Support rings and buffer rings
  • Side guiding rollers
  • Holding brackets for lower belt rollers
germanBelt Steel - Idler Stations for conveyor belt systems

Idler Stations

  • 3-parts, throughed
germanBelt Steel - Clamping Set for conveyor belt pulleys

Speciality products and components

  • Guide discs (for corrugated sidewall belts) with diameters of Ø 300 mm
  • Special idlers
  • Drive shafts and return shafts
  • Pedestal bearings
  • Clamping sets

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