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germanBelt GmbH, germanBelt Systems GmbH and germanBelt Shanghai-China represent both the portfolio and the global standing of the germanBelt Group. ... more


germanWell® - Production of corrugated sidewall belts

New production of corrugated sidewall belts

High-tech production line in Plant 2

In record time, the germanBelt Group has launched a new production line for germanWell® corrugated sidewall belts in the new Plant 2 at the Halle/Leipzig site. By expanding its manufacturing capacities, the germanBelt Group strengthens their competitive ability. The new production line has been built with the aim to manufacture qualitatively improved and more cost efficient corrugated sidewall belts in order to provide customers with even speedier services. ... more

germanBelt® - Pulleys for Conveyor Belt Systems

Competence in Steel

germanBelt Steel GmbH’s first important milestones have been reached

The still young company, based in Bad Blankenburg and producing at a site in Cottbus, experienced considerable success on the market in the current business year and continues to follow its ambitious plan for improving quality and expanding production capacity. In the germanBelt Steel GmbH, the germanBelt Group has bundled all production activities for manufacturing tailor-made efficient components in drive engineering and materials handling technology. ... more

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03/24/2020 Corona - bisher keine Einschränkungen bei Lieferung und Service

germanBelt ist auch in der Krise weiterhin für Sie da. Bisher gibt es keine Lieferengpässe bei unseren Standardprodukten, die Fertigung von Förderbandtrommeln und Konfektionsware läuft normal. Unsere Serviceteams sind weiterhin voll einsatzfähig und germanBelt hat umfangreiche Schutzmaßnahmen...

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