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All catalogues, all the info. Use this Link to download our catalogues for conveyor belts, wear protection materials, pulley lagging materials and conveyor belt pulleys. ... more

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germanBelt Group - Data Sheets

Do you need to download our Safety Data Sheets for our germanBond® adhesives, cleaners and primer or Technical Data Sheets for our germanLine® rubber linings? Our Data Sheets at one glance. ... more


Application Forms for Pulleys, Corrugated Sidewall Belts and Conveyor Belts

To simplify the process of an inquiry for germanWell® corrugated sidewall belts, standard conveyor belts as well as conveyor belt pulleys, we provide several application forms for your support. ... more


Application Instruction for germanBond®, germanGrip® and germanLine®

If you want to get more information on how to use our germanBond® bonding systems, our germanLine® wear protection materials and germanGrip® pulley laggings, use this link to get several application instructions. ... more

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03/24/2020 Corona - bisher keine Einschränkungen bei Lieferung und Service

germanBelt ist auch in der Krise weiterhin für Sie da. Bisher gibt es keine Lieferengpässe bei unseren Standardprodukten, die Fertigung von Förderbandtrommeln und Konfektionsware läuft normal. Unsere Serviceteams sind weiterhin voll einsatzfähig und germanBelt hat umfangreiche Schutzmaßnahmen...

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