Conveyor belts, pulleys, pulley laggings and wear protection

germanBelt Product Range

Our core competence is conveyor belt and wear protection technology. We are your competent partner and provide reliable solutions that fit. Our standard product range includes conveyor belts, pulleys, bonding systems for connecting belts, wear protection and repair materials as well as pulley laggings. In addition, we supply special and custom-made products and accessories of vulcanizing and conveyor technology according to our customers' requirements. Our products’ outstanding quality is going to pay off. You can rely on our products all around your conveyor belt system.

Conveyor Belts

germanWell® Corrugated Sidewall Belts for Inclined Transport of Bulk Materials

We offer a wide range of belts for a variety of purposes. Conventional standard belts are permanently in stock. Starting with expert advice and professional planning, we supply for instance fabric belts, steel cord belts, corrugated sidewall belts and speciality belts with surface profiles. ... more

Pulleys and Idlers

germanBelt® Drive Pulley with Pulley Lagging

We manufacture pulleys in serial, speciality and single-piece production. We produce drive pulleys, bend pulleys, snub pulleys and cage (link) pulleys as well as speciality pulleys for specific applications such as in steel refining plants or the food industry. Our pulleys work reliably – even under the hardest conditions. ... more

Wear Protection

germanBelt® Impact Bars

Our wear protection products help to protect your systems, reduce repair and save costs on spare parts. Wear-protected plants are more profitable. We offer products for skirting, lining and cleaning conveyor belt systems. ... more

Bonding Systems

germanBond® Bonding Systems for conveyor belt splicings and wear protection

The germanBond® line with its particularly high quality and innovative products represents the most recent developments in the field of two-component industrial adhesives. Our products provide the best possible solution for splicing rubber and/or plastic materials or for combining them with metal. ... more

Repair Materials

germanBelt® Repair Materials for the repair of conveyor belt damages

If a conveyor belt’s surface has been damaged or even penetrated, our cold repair materials will help you to put it right. For appropriate and correct cold repair of belt damages, we recommend using high quality germanBond® strong performance adhesives. ... more

Pulley Laggings

germanGrip® Pulley Lagging for Conveyor Belt Pulleys

Our germanGrip® product line includes both rubber and ceramic laggings for minimizing wear and tear on pulleys. Our materials achieve a significant increase of the coefficient of friction between belt and pulley. This also prevents the belt even in extremely difficult conditions from slipping and has a positive effect on the belt’s and the pulley bearings’ lifespan. ... more

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