Wear protection material for conveyor belt systems

Protection against Wear, Vibration and Noise

Efficient conveyor systems also require heavy-duty wear protection. Our products are specifically placed at those parts of a conveyor belt system that are particularly prone to wear. This helps to protect your conveyor system, reduces repair and saves costs on spare parts. Wear-protected conveyor systems are more profitable. Our wear protection material undergoes continuous lab testing, thus ensuring continuously high quality.

germanLine® - wear protection rubber for any requirement

Our germanLine® skirting, lining and cleaning products prolong the life of your conveyor system significantly. germanLine® reduces maintenance costs and cuts unnecessary down-time. germanLine® wear protection rubber reduces vibration and noise pollution even in extremely difficult conditions. Our wear protection rubber reduces your operating expenses and sustainably increases your conveyor systems’ overall profitability.

germanShock® - impact bars and wear protection elements

The germanShock® product range includes a variety of wear protection products such as impact bars, all suitable for a wide field of application around your conveyor system. Our products are particularly suitable for applications at heavy-stress segments and target sliding and impact wear. Due to their system compatibility, germanShock® wear protection elements are easy to handle and can be integrated in your conveyor belt system without any fuss.


germanLine® Beige 35 – wear protection rubber with CN layer

germanLine® Beige 35 – wear protection rubber with CN layer

germanLine® Beige 35 protects surfaces against wet wear and round grain as well as fine-grained, sharp or hard conveyor goods or slurries, such as wet grit. germanLine® Beige 35 wear protection rubber has, on one of its sides, a CN contact layer that ensures super-strong adhesion to steel bases. Our product is used in granulation drums, bunkers, skids or slides, pumps, skirts, chutes, silos etc. and serves as wear protection, shock absorber, sound insulation, protection against corrosion and caking. germanLine® Beige 35 wear protection rubber with CN layer is high in natural rubber and has excellent physical parameters, especially in terms of abrasion resistance. ... more

germanLine® skirting rubber

germanLine® skirting rubber

germanLine® Red 45 basic skirting rubber is used along the sides of the belt conveyor. germanLine® Red 45 basic provides excellent protection. We particularly recommend using german Line® Red 45 basic skirting rubber for sealing when you transport fine-grain or dusty goods. This skirting rubber is very flexible and adapts to any belt surface pattern. Combination with our germanShock® impact elements provides most effective sealing against leaking dust or fine-grain material. ... more

germanShock® impact bars

germanShock® impact bars

germanShock® IP impact bars replace conventional buffer rollers at in-feed and absorb the impact energy of dropping bulk material, thus reducing damage to the belt. Combination with our germanLine® skirting rubber provides effective side sealing at in-feed. ... more

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