Accessories for conveyor belt systems


germanWell® DW 300 guide disc for sidewall belts

DW 300 guide disc for sidewall belts

germanWell® guide discs feature a wear-resistant rubber component for a dampening effect, providing extremely gentle directional control. Our germanWell® guide discs including precision axis, clamping sets and high quality low-maintenance bearings are all manufactured at our Cottbus plant. Please contact us for more information.

Hoods for Conveyor Belt Systems

Hoods for Conveyor Belt Systems

The versatility and robustness of conveyor hoods has made them into a standard feature in the protection of conveyor systems and the environment. Conventional standard hoods for conveyor widths from 650 mm to up to 1,200 mm are permanently in stock. If you are looking for a suitable protection for your conveyor and the materials it transports at an attractive price we can provide you with solutions. Our hoods are available as galvanized steel sheet hoods or in GRP. Contact us for more information.

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germanBelt ist auch in der Krise weiterhin für Sie da. Bisher gibt es keine Lieferengpässe bei unseren Standardprodukten, die Fertigung von Förderbandtrommeln und Konfektionsware läuft normal. Unsere Serviceteams sind weiterhin voll einsatzfähig und germanBelt hat umfangreiche Schutzmaßnahmen...

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